About Solpaur

The Solapur District was ruled by various dynesties such as Andhrabhratyas, Chalukyas, Rashtrkutas, Yadavas and Bahamanis. 'SOLAPUR' is believed to be derived from two words 'SOLA' meaning sixteen and 'PUR' meaning village. The present city of Solapur was considered tp be spread over sixteen villages viz. Aadilpur, Ahmedpur, Chapaldev, Fatehpur, Jamdarwadi, Kalajapur, Khadarpur, Khandervkiwadi, Muhammadpur, Ranapur, Sandalpur, Shaikpur, Solapur, Sonalagi, Sonapur and Vaidakwadi.

About Solapur Bar Association

The Solapur Bar Association is a one of the reputed organization in Solapur District, which is working for the welfare of the Advocates. Today more than 2000 advocates are working in Solapur District Court. The Solapur Bar Association provides various services to the advocates like Library Facility, E- Library, Pure drinking water, free legal aid to poor litigants and also organizes various seminars for advocates. This year Solapur Bar Association celebrates post centenary programme. The present President Adv. Shivshankar Ghodake and his team prepared various schemes for welfare of the advocates like Construction of New Chambers, Establishing co-operative society, Post Office, ATM Centres, Bank in Solapur District Court Compound.