BAR Association History

History of Solapur Bar Association When British Govt. were ruling all over the India for the purpose of justice to people and to solve the legal problem between them some of position were declared like ‘Ravbhahaddur’, ’Khansahab’ and ‘Ravasahab’, to some of highly respected persons. At that time Solapur was covered under the city of Vijapur which is located in Karnataka. In year 18th Century this rules were changed because of increasing in population. In order to give justice to people of Solapur & Vijapur a court session were arranged after every 15 days. In the year 1913 they were conducting local Panchayat’s and are started in Vishva Samachar Chowk, the court were conducted. The responsibility was given to Mr. Vittalrao Narsappa Jakkal. At that time the cases up to the Rs.100 were conducted in this court. For so many years the court were conducted in Samachar Chowk. After that the court was started in the ‘Rippan Hall’ which is situated near the ‘Siddheshwar temple’, after some time the court was running at the old municipal building at Navi Peth, thereafter court was conducted in ‘Indrabhuvan’ which is now Municipal Corporations of Solapur. Over that time India got the freedom, at that time some of the place from collector residence was given to run the court, only the very superior stone construction were made for the court. At the last the court were situated in the current building near civil hospital. The Lawyers association called as Solapur Bar Association has completed its 100 years of journey which was started just after few years when the Solapur court where established. Today the respectable persons like Mr. Sushilkumarji Shinde and his daughter Miss. Praniti Shinde and Mr. Sharad Bansode who plays the important role in Indian economic are the members of Solapur Bar Association. So many famous lawyers were practiced from the Solapur Bar and now they are having the good fame in India as well as world. Some of the lawyers were working as a justice and chief justice and on many more posts they are creating their own fame with their different style of work.